Sarah Berman

Sarah Berman is a seasoned comedienne and puppeteer with a consistent history of creating content for theme parks, social media, and television. With expertise in live puppetry, Sarah has over 1,000+ hours of puppeteering, improv, and voice acting experience. Currently, she can be found as the Co-Creator of The Pacific Pals puppetry program at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Most recently she has puppeteered for Disney’s The Little Mermaid Live and on Fox for the NFL. In addition to her time spent performing on the stage, Sarah has worked behind-the-scenes with respected companies such as Barclay Square Media (Splash and Bubbles), Swazzle Puppet Studio, and The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. Sarah is a modern-day Ginger Rogers, doing everything the boys do, but backward, in high-heels, and with a puppet on her arm.



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