Catherine Cavadini

Catherine Cavadini, perhaps best known as the original voice of Blossom in Cartoon Network’s movie and T.V. series The Powerpuff Girls from 1998-2015, is a longtime veteran of the voiceover business. Since her career began in her early twenties, her voice has been regularly featured in Radio & T.V. Commercials, Films, T.V. Movies, T.V. Series, Animated Features and T.V. Series, Interactive Games, and English Dubs of Foreign Films and T.V. Series. Animated movies include: Soul, Finding Dory, Incredibles 2, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Babes in Toyland. T.V. series include: Jellystone, Kid Cosmic, The Stinky & Dirty Show, The Tom & Jerry Show, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins. Games include: Redfall, The Walking Dead:Onslaught, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Broken Ages Part 1 & 2, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider & Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Online.

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