Nina Franoszek

Berlin-born Nina Franoszek is an award-winning actor, who performed in over 100 feature films and television shows, including Roman Polanski’s “The Pianist” and the Emmy Award winning TV show “Mad Men. Currently she can be seen on HBO’s TV show “The Brink” opposite Tim Robbins and Jack Black. Nina Franoszek is a veteran VO talent and passionate motion capture performer, who also plays the main antagonist “Frau Engel” in the “Inglourious Basterds-esk” cinematic video game “Wolfenstein: The New Order” and “the New Colossus”. She was a competitive judo fighter, is trained in fencing, Korean sword fight, horse back riding and weapons training and acts in English, German, French or Russian, Swedish, Polish accents. Her awards include a Grimme Prize (Germany’s Emmy Award) for best leading actress and a German Screen Actors Award.

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