Nicolette Santino

Feature Film: 2018

The Happytime Murders     Additional Puppeteer           Jim Henson Company


Live Theater: 2011 – 2018

Jim Henson’s Puppet Up!     Improviser/ Puppeteer        The Venetian, Las Vegas

Jim Henson’s Puppet Up!     Improviser/Puppeteer         Kirk Douglas, Culver City

The Ink Hole                          Improviser/Puppeteer         Giant Spoon w/ Henson Co.

Equus                                     Creature Puppeteer                         SCV Performing Arts


TV: 2016 – 2018

Elmo goes to HBO                  Lead Puppeteer                    The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rob Riggle’s Intervention     Co Star Puppeteer                FOX Sports


Commercial: 2014

Speed Police                          Animatronic Puppeteer        Taylor Made – ESPN


Internet: 2013 – 2018

Gender Sensitive Hoedown Lead Puppeteer/Caller                    Funny or Die

Happy Place                           Co Star Puppeteer/ Recurring        YouTube Web Series

Kitty Puppy Cat                     Lead Puppeteer                                Music Video


Puppetry Training: 2012 – 2019

Jim Henson Studios               Puppetry Technique                        Allan Trautman

Jim Henson Studios               Puppet Improv                                  Patrick Bristow

Jim Henson Studios               Digital Puppetry                                Allan Trautman

Sesame Workshop            Puppetry Technique                            Peter Linz

Stephanie D’Abruzzo      Martin P. Robinson



Singing                                   Puppet Improvisation                      Live hand/rod

Digital Puppetry                    Animatronic Puppetry                      Green Screen

Puppet Choreography          Table-Top Puppetry                                     Character Voices


Audio Demos