Martin Jarvis

Distinguished British actor, renowned for vocal versatility.  Movies: Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Oscar-winning Titanic, Wreck-It Ralph, Phil Spector, Eragon, Flushed Away.  Video games: ‘Alfred’ in Batman Arkham Knight etc, Cars (‘Finn McMissile’, very Michael Caine!) games/spin-offs. Dragon Age (‘Gandalf’), Mass Effect II/III.  Animated series: Cosmos (Humphrey Davy), Star Wars Republic, Spyro (‘Chronicler’), Billy & Mandy, Richie Rich, Extreme Ghostbusters, Max Steel, The Tick.  TV guest-starring: Law & Order, Funny or Die, Stargate Atlantis, Numb3rs, Marple, Poirot.  Ads: numerous: Gatorade to Sizzler, Travelocity to British Airways.  Broadway: award-winning ‘Jeeves’.  Described in the press as ‘an audio genius’.

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