Charlie Schlatter

As a Voice Actor, Charlie is best known as KICK on Disney’s Kick Buttowski and as Honeynut Cheerio’s Buzz the Bee! He also voiced Dr. Mindbender in G.I. Joe Renegades, The Flash for both the Supermanand Batman series, and Lego Robin and Flash in the Lego Movie Series. Other cartoons include Futurama, Winx Club, Tom and Jerry, Curious George, Fairly Oddparents, Ben 10, Phineas and Ferb, Bratz, Fish Police, Kim Possible, The Boondocks and many others. He’s also heard in video games such as Metal Gear Solid, Everquest, Kung Fu Panda, Over the Hedge, Medal of Honor, Ape Escape, Sorcery and The Wonderful 101’s.

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