Carlos Alazraqui


Carlos Alazraqui: Argentinean Parents and his best friend’s Scottish Parents created the template for a future comedian/actor/voice actor. Rocko’s Modern Life launched the VO career. Taco Bell Chihuahua followed, Garcia on Reno 911! came next. Happy Feet 1 and 2 was next up. Billy Crystal/Mike Wasowski sound alike since 2001. Mr. Crocker, Mrs. Crocker, Jaundissimo and Dinkleberg on Fairly Odd Parents since 2001. Summer of 2014 launched “El Chupacabra”, the breakout star of Disneytoon’s “Planes”. Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour 2014 and Mayor Temeroso in the New Netflix series “Puss In Boots”. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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